Grow Your Own Peas - Burston Garden Blog

This month sees the return of National Children’s Gardening week (25th May to 2nd June), which aims to encourage children into the garden and to get growing! For more information visit the children’s gardening week website.

With the warmer weather (hopefully!), May is a great month to start planting, so we’ve put together a simple guide to growing your own peas!

Step by Step – Grow Your Own Peas

You will need;

  • A pack of pea seeds

  • Multipurpose compost

  • Gardening gloves

  • A pot

  • Step One: Fill and pot approximately 30cm across and 30cm deep with multipurpose compost

  • Step Two: Take between 10 and 15 pea seeds and push 2cm deep into the soil evenly spaced

  • Step Three: Find some twigs from around the garden approximately 35cm tall and push into the soil around the edge of the pot (these will act as support once the peas start growing)

  • Step Four: Water well and place in a sunny position and in a week or so start to watch them grow

  • Step Five: Keep the compost moist to touch and once they get to around 15-20cm pinch out the growing tips (and you can eat these) and this will give bushier, healthier plants. Once they start to produce flowers and fruit it won’t be long before you can enjoy the fruits of your labour