Bird Feeders

We stock a full range of bird feeders, bird tables and bird feeding stations designed to attract a wide variety of birds to your garden. Once wild birds recognise your garden as a source of food, they’ll happily visit again and again to snack on the snails, grubs and caterpillars that can wreak havoc to flower gardens and vegetable patches. Quite simply, birds are the greenest pest control of all.

We sell bird feeders, bird tables and bird feeding stations to suit all budgets and to complement our wide range of wild bird feed. We have feeders suitable for peanuts, seed mixes, Nyger seed, Fat Snax balls and suet feasts. We even have a ground feeding tray for those birds who don’t like to feed from feeders or tables.

If squirrels make a nuisance of themselves in your garden, wrecking bird feeders and stealing the food of smaller birds, think about our range of “bite-proof” and “squirrel proof” feeders. Just make sure you select the correct feeder for the feed you have chosen. If you’re unsure of which bird feed to match with which feeder, please ask a member of staff. We’ll be happy to help.

Our selection of nest boxes and pouches will help you attract a wide range of birds to your garden more permanently, and it’s never too early to put up a nest box. Birds will start looking for sites from early January.

We are proud to be a sponsor and member of RSPB and stock a range of their feeders and bird food.

We also stock bird houses, water baths and boxes.

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