Ornamental and fruit trees

If your garden is less an uber-sized oasis and more a pint-sized patio – you can still branch out and enjoy the beauty of a tree outside your home.

Colourful blossom, fruit and foliage can bring a small space to life and that is why ornamental trees are best for a small garden.

Here at Burston we have a large and leafy range of shrubs and self-fertile trees to please every taste and need.

As the average British garden shrinks in size we have transformed our collection to include ornamental and miniature fruit trees.

If you are planting bare-root trees, December is a good month – as long as the soil is frost free.

Container-grown trees can be planted throughout the year, although never in extreme heat or cold.

One of the most crucial considerations when choosing your tree is its height and spread. Even small ornamental trees over time can reach a height of 20 to 26ft or more.If spread is your main concern we would suggest you consider a columnar tree. Think about when you want your tree to flower or fruit.

Deciduous or evergreen is another choice. Both types of trees have their advantages, the obvious one for evergreens being that they keep their leaves throughout the year. But many deciduous trees provide lovely autumn foliage colours not available with evergreen trees

Speak to our specialists at Burston who will give you excellent advice. In fact big or small – we’ve got them all – so just ask in-store!

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