Bird Food

Your feathered friends will be spoilt for choice with the range of wild bird food we supply. Burston stocks a full range of peanuts, mealworms, suet snacks and seed mixes so that you can tempt a wide variety of birds to feed in your garden.

Peanuts are high in the oils and proteins birds need, but make sure you use a mesh bird feeder so that the bird can only peck at the nuts and not take a whole peanut away.

Black sunflower seed provides a high energy food in a readily accessible form. The seeds have thinner shells than traditional striped sunflower seeds which makes them a favourite of Greenfinches and Tits, though they may be shunned if sunflower hearts are available.

Sunflower hearts have two advantages over black sunflower seeds. Firstly, birds can feed more quickly because they do not have to remove the husk. Secondly, the lack of a husk means that there is no waste left behind on the ground after the birds have fed.

Nyger seed is a favourite of Goldfinches, Greenfinches, Coal Tits and Chaffinches. Don’t forget that, because the seed is so small, it will need a special bird feeder designed specifically for this type of seed. Nyger seed is oil rich and ideal for birds with delicate bills.

We have a large selection of seed mixes available, from those that will attract a wide variety of birds to those blended to attract a specific species. Make sure you combine them with the right bird feeder or bird feeding station to make them easily accessible to the birds you want to see in your garden.

Don’t forget we also have mealworms, suet feasts, Fat Snax balls and a selection of suet treats including berry and mealworm varieties.

Remember, birds are an excellent natural pest control. The more wild birds in your garden, the fewer snails, grubs and caterpillars there will be to attack your flowers and vegetables.

We are proud to be a sponsor and member of the RSPB and stock a range of their feeders and bird food.

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