Easy Care, Grow Anywhere

At Burston we want to make gardening fun and accessible for everyone.  You won’t find baffling terminology or garden snobbery here!

Whatever is your level of knowledge – from novice to expert – we are here to answer any questions you may have.

If you are just starting out or have very little time on your hands, we have an excellent range of hardy plants and shrubs that will thrive in any soil or conditions.

Come down and check out our wonderful range of foliage, flower, berries and stems and find out about the varieties that will thrive in most conditions and need little care.

No garden will be zero maintenance, but if you are a beginner, we would advise you to get going with something easy to grown and steadily try more challenging plants as time goes on.

Honeysuckles are perfect examples of starter plants. It looks delicate but it’s a tough little plant that will grow up fences, walls and garages.

In the summer they flower producing a stunning fragrance and are semi-evergreen, so they will bring colour to the garden all year round.

For more tips like this, come and visit us at the garden centre.

Plants at Burston Garden Centre - Sambucus Nigra Blacklace