We stock a huge selection of chemicals to cater for all your gardening requirements, including weed killers, pest control products and nutrients. Our chemicals come in a large range of sizes to suit the needs of your garden.

Weeds and unwanted moss can not only be an eyesore, they can monopolise sunlight and nutrients, stunting the growth of the flowers and plants you do want to thrive. We have a large range of weed killers that can tackle all common weeds and leave your garden free to flourish.

As every gardener knows, bugs, slugs and caterpillars can lay waste to vegetable plots and borders. We supply a full range of pest control products that will keep your plants safe from unwanted guests. You might also want to visit our Pet and Bird Care department, where you’ll find all you need to attract wild birds to your garden – the most natural pest control of all.

We also offer a full range of lawn and plant care products, helping your lawn and flowers to thrive and giving you a healthier, pest free, greener and more colourful garden.

We have recently introduced the Neudorff range of completely organic or natural garden products, including weed killers, fertilizers, pest control and much more. The Neudorff range is specially designed to be kind to the environment and is perfect for the greener gardener.

Our garden care staff are fully trained to help you choose the correct product for the job, whether you’re looking for weed and pest control, nutrition for lawns and plants, or the products you need to be a greener gardener. Please don’t hesitate to ask.

It’s not just about chemicals though. At Burston we also stock a full range of compost, garden tools and machinery, gloves and boots, watering equipment, pots and much, much more.

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