Pet Toys

Dog and Cat Toys

Playing with pet toys is lots of fun – for both pet and owner! But pet toys are also great for other reasons, giving your cat or dog lots of exercise, stimulating their keen animal senses and encouraging a range of natural behaviours. Good pet toys can help to keep your cat or dog happy and content.

At Burston Garden Centre we stock a range of great dog toy products. It includes a number of throw and fetch toys, which are great for outdoor fun and training, along with fun squeaky toys and plush cuddly toys that are guaranteed to keep your dog entertained. All our dog toys are made to last, even if they find their way into the paws and jaws of the most playful pooches!

We’ve also got a great pet toy collection for cats. Our cat toys will help to keep your cat’s super-senses in tip top condition, stimulating touch, sound, sight and smell in a way that can help to keep them fit, healthy and happy. The soft toys are ideal for throwing – just watch your cat go! – and the teasers will have your cat running in circles. Cats that spend a lot of time in the house, whether just in winter or all year round, can benefit most from toys that promote healthy activity.

Healthy activity is not just for pets. Dog and cat toys can encourage playfulness in owners too, helping to keep human animals healthy and happy along with their pets.

At Burston it’s not just about toys though. We have a fabulous new pet hygiene and grooming range, and stock everything you need to make your pet feel very pampered indeed, from pet beds and cushions to pet accessories and treats.

Dog Toys at Burston Garden Centre