Evergreen Plant Collection

Evergreen shrubs provide the backbone and structure in your garden paving the way for placing your choice of other seasonal flowering plants.

And here at Burston we have sourced the hardiest and highest quality collection – so you don’t have to.

Evergreen plants are excellent for creating a privacy screen of your choice from Choisya to Viburnum.

For smaller spaces, why not try evergreens that have a smaller growth habit or those that do not mind being pruned back to keep in check. Smaller varieties include Photinia ‘Little Red Robin’, Nandina domestica, Hebe pageii or Pittasporum ‘Tom Thumb’. If you fancy something more unusual then you might want to try the Leptospermum ‘Red Damask’, Euonymus ‘Francien, Escallonia bifida or the the Hebe ‘HeartBreaker’. As a general rule your garden should contain between 50 -60% evergreen plants.

Plants at Burston Garden Centre - Evergreen
Plants at Burston Garden Centre - Evergreen

A plant is evergreen when it retains its leaves in winter or deciduous when it loses its leaves in winter.

For those which lose their leaves only in very cold weather – these are semi-evergreen.

A little research into the habits and needs of evergreens is always worth the effort. If you make the right choice at the beginning, not only will you save time and money but your evergreens will provide years of pleasure.

For everything you need to know about planting and growing evergreen plants, come and see one of our friendly team members to plan your all-year-round display.

Plants at Burston Garden Centre - Evergreen