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Attracting a wide range of birds to your garden with quality bird feedersbird food and bird houses is a delight at any time of year, and a wonderful way to inspire an appreciation of nature in the whole family.

It’s also a great natural pest control. Birds can limit populations of snails, grubs and caterpillars, helping to protect your flower garden and vegetable patch in the most environmentally friendly way. For example, look out for empty snail shells if you have a family of blackbirds using your bird feeding station or nesting in your bird house.

Our bird care range is popular throughout the year and we have everything you need to attract a variety of birds. Don’t forget to give them somewhere to nest too, and perhaps a bird table to perch and feed on out of the reach of prowling cats.

  • Over half of the UK’s adult population feed birds in their garden.
  • Different types of bird prefer different feeds; suet, specialist foods and mealworms.
  • We cater for them all – as well as providing bird feeders and bird feeding stations.

Once you have bought bird food you’ll need to give the birds in your garden somewhere to feed, drink and nest.

  • Bird baths – we sell feature glazed terracotta baths or budget plastic options.
  • Bird tables – our wooden bird tables come in numerous designs with various shapes and finishes.
  • Nest boxes – from robin to owl boxes you’ll discover interesting designs and ideas.

Don’t forget to regularly clean out your water bowls and baths to keep disease at bay and your birds healthy.

Burston Garden Centre is proud to be a member and supporter of the RSPB.

Pet Care Department

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