To maintain a healthy, flourishing and colourful garden it is essential to keep it well watered. Gardeners shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that rainfall is always enough, even in the UK. Our winters may be damp, but it doesn’t take many dry days in spring and summer for the effects to start showing up in a limp and listless garden.

With that in mind, our trained staff will be happy to inform, guide and educate on the best irrigation systems for your gardening needs.

We can guide you through the set-up process of micro-drip irrigation systems, which provide consistent hydration and are ideal for large gardens. Or we can help you choose the hose reel and accessories you need to keep a smaller garden in the very best condition. A great selection of watering cans is on offer too, from practical value options to high-quality metal cans – the perfect gift for the serious gardener.

Our Gardena range provides:

  • A complete range of micro-drip irrigation components to tailor your home watering system, whatever your requirements.
  • Starter kits for the less experienced in irrigation.
  • Timers that can be fitted to take the hassle out of daily watering and keep your garden healthy while you’re away.
  • A variety of hoses and countless accessories which are completely compatible with Hozelock.

If you need any further advice or information, please don’t hesitate to ask.

And remember, at Burston it’s about so much more than quality irrigation equipment. We also stock a full range of chemicals (from weed killers and lawn feeders to pest control products), garden tools and machinery, boots and gloves, plants and seeds, plant pots and much, much more.

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