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January House Plant of The Month

January – House plant of the month - Hoya Plants

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Hoyas are native to Asia and Australia and with over 200 species worldwide, but in the right conditions in the UK, can thrive as a houseplant.

More commonly known as the “Wax Plant” due to its thick fleshy leaves, this tropical houseplant produces subtly scented clusters of star-shaped flowers. Hoyas love sunlight and particularly enjoy the morning sun, preferably placed east or west facing – in indirect sunlight.

The wax plant can be planted as a climber or allow it to trail over the side of a container. There’s also a real trend for placing your Hoya plant in a hanging basket. Use free draining, nutrient-rich soil and allow them to become slightly pot-bound before re-potting. Water your Hoya regularly during spring and summer, dropping back in the colder months, letting the soil dry out in between watering.

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They may be pretty to look at and a great way to brighten up the home; but indoor plants are also good for your health. Research shows they improve the quality of indoor air and absorb carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen into the air.

Here at Burston we have a huge variety for you to peruse in store. From our frequent and extensive travels around the UK and we have sourced some all-time favourites and more unusual examples from the finest growers around.

To keep your plants in good health you’ll find a large range of food – plus some stunning pots and stands for your showstoppers.

Most of us have lost a plant or two over the years and the biggest culprit is usually insufficient or excessive watering.
Too much water in the soil layer forces air from the root zone, reducing the plan’s oxygen supply. Some plants adapt and enjoy a soaking, others have adapted to long periods of dryness between heavy watering.

At Burston we can help you know the conditions your plant needs to thrive. And while they can be grown in almost any container, we can advise on the best one for each plant.

For example clay pots are porous and tend to draw moisture from the soil. Others like metal, glass or plastic will conserve water and will need less attention from you.

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Indoor Living - Indoor Plants

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