Christmas Trees St. Albans - Burston Garden Centre

Christmas comes but once a year! Here is our guide to choosing and caring for a real Christmas tree this festive season.

Why choose a real Christmas tree?

  • There is nothing quite like the aroma of a real Christmas tree.

  • They help the environment by storing carbon and producing oxygen as they grow. An average 6 foot tree will have been doing this for around 7 years and there is a constant planting programme in place to ensure we do not run out. The trees also provide a perfect habitat for wildlife as they grow and mature, ready for us to enjoy.

  • Selecting the perfect tree each year is a family ritual full of fun and excitement, signalling the start of the Christmas period.

How to choose the perfect real Christmas tree for you

Real trees offer variety, both in shape and size, meaning you can get the perfect one to suit your home. Before choosing, measure the space in your home, remembering that the tree stand will add to the height.

When selecting a tree, choose one with very few brown needles. You can check if it is fresh by taking a branch and gently pulling your hand towards you along the branch. Or raise the tree a few inches and drop the trunk to the ground. The needles should stay on the tree.

The Christmas trees we stock are of a premium grade. We believe that everybody deserves the very best quality and selection. Our staff will be willing to help you find the right tree and ensure you get the very best advice on caring for your tree.

What tree do I want and why?

The Classic Norway Spruce.

If it is fragrance you are after, then this is most definitely the tree for you. With a slim-line habit it is also a great option for those with space restrictions. Not renowned for its needle retaining qualities it is advisable not to bring them inside too early. Bringing the tree inside from the 15th December will ensure that it performs to its best.

The Nordmann Fir

By far the most popular tree these days, these firs excel at needle retention. They will be fine for 3-4 weeks inside if cared for properly. Although not hugely fragrant they do still deliver an aroma to give your home that festive feel. With a broader growth habit than the spruce, the Nordmann is sure to make an impressive statement in any lounge.

Fraser Fir

With a similar appearance to the Nordmann fir, these trees generally have a more slender habit and would better suit smaller rooms. They have good needle retention with a mild to medium fragrance.

Noble Fir

Noble by name, noble by nature. This tree brings both needle retaining and fragrant qualities to your home. With a blue/green shimmer, these firs are simply divine. With a 3-4 week life span inside, they are sure to deliver a true festive feel.

Lodge Pole Pine

If it is something a little different you’re after, then this is the tree for you. It’s architectural appearance and very long needles makes this tree a real talking point.

Blue Spruce

With good symmetrical form, this lovely tree has green blue foliage, sharper needles, good needle retention and will provide a fragrance.

Pot grown trees

These trees have been grown in their pots for good root development. We have Norway Spruce and Nordmann Fir varieties in a range of heights.

How do I care for my tree?

When you purchase a Christmas tree, we will cut off the base of the trunk to aid water absorption. When you get home, if you’re not putting your tree up right away, place it in a bucket of water and keep it outside in an area that’s protected from wind and freezing temperatures.

Once inside, place your tree away from direct heat, such as radiators or an open fire, and keep the container topped up with water every day. Plenty of plain water is all you need to keep a tree fresh. Just remember to check the water level daily — it should always cover the cut end of the trunk.

How do I dispose of my tree?

You can dispose of your tree in several environmentally friendly ways. Many councils organise special collections or drop off points for used Christmas trees (search online for ones near you) and real trees can be used for chippings.