Planting trees could be one of the best solutions to helping with the climate emergency. Trees have many qualities and can help improve air quality, reduce the risk of flooding, boost our wellbeing, making us healthier and happier and of course, they create habitats for all types of wildlife. Why not plant a tree for the Queen’s Jubilee year.

They provide an important introduction to the natural world for children. The habitats that trees provide for wildlife will help your children learn about many species of insects, small mammals and birds so planting a tree is a great way to get your children involved and understand more about wildlife.

There are many varieties of trees to choose from. Trees with berries will encourage wildlife and birds to your garden as they provide great habitats for feeding and nesting. Fruit trees will not only help the environment and wildlife, they will produce a great harvest for you to enjoy.

There are many different varieties of small, slow-growing Japanese maples that will provide amazing colour in the late summer and autumn and won’t overcrowd your garden. They are grown best in a sheltered spot, out of direct sunlight in borders or a large pot.

If you’re not sure where to plant your tree, for some varieties, growing it in a pot could an option – this will allow you to position your tree in different places around your garden to find the optimum spot. This is also useful if you need to protect the tree in winter, allowing you to move it to a sheltered location.

Patio or dwarf fruit trees are also ideal for small gardens and can be grown in pots.

Topiary shapes might not be conventional trees but topiary Bay, Ilex and Yew varieties will provide interest and a conversation point in your garden. You can choose ready-trained lollipop, spiral or pyramid shapes or buy an untrained plant and train your own – they are quite slow growing so this may take some time. Be aware that Bay and Yew can become very large if left, so do keep them trimmed.

Ornamental Pear trees are easy to grow in any aspect, they are windproof, generally pest-free, low maintenance and tolerate air pollution. It has beautiful white spring blossom and good autumn colour and grows in an upright conical shape which provides great screening for your garden.

Small ornamental cherry trees provide a profusion of colour with their beautiful blossom in the springtime. The weeping cherry has drooping branches and reaches a maximum height of 4 metres with a similar spread – this makes it ideal for a courtyard garden.

When planting a new tree in your garden, you must keep it well watered for the first year, until it is fully established.

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