Kids Corner - House Plants

If you’re wondering about how to get your kids into growing, then often starting with an indoor plant can be the answer. Teaching them the basics of growing on a smaller, more manageable scale can help focus their attention. Also being able to start indoors, means you can grow all year round and avoids having to venture out in unseasonable weather!

Here are a few tips when choosing the perfect plant;

  • Start simple – choose a house plant that is safe to have in a kid’s bedroom, that’s easy to grow and is tough! The perfect plants are snake plants. They don’t need much care, coping well with direct sunlight or low light and minimal watering. Plus they have long, interesting leaves that come in a range of colours!

  • Show the wonder of nature – spider plants are fun, since they easily reproduce by removing one of the dangling plantlets and popping into soil. Once the transplanted house plant begins to root, explain the different parts of a plant and even get them to draw the plant in different stages of its growth.

  • Inject some fun…and a bit of gore – who doesn’t love the idea of carnivorous plants? Venus fly traps are always a huge hit when growing house plants with children. They are a little harder to care for, so are better for older children.

  • Show how nature can help us – aloe vera plants are not only easy to care for, needing minimal watering, these plants are interesting to touch and can also sooth irritated skin. All they ask for is a bright windowsill for them to flourish.

  • Have some fun – let children choose their own pot, decorate it, plant it, select where to locate it and then tend to its needs. This is great fun to do together and once they have learned the basics, they’ll be ready to help you plant your spring garden!