Indoor plants seem to have it all. Proven to purify the very air that we breathe (1), improve our concentration and even boost our productivity by as much as 15% (2), they are truly good for our health. In addition, caring for house plants can really boost your mood. How great is the feeling of seeing a living thing thrive and bloom, following a bit of love and attention from us. All of this, before we even start to talk about the aesthetics of having greenery around our home.

Sleeping haven – to have the optimal night’s sleep, choose plants that produce oxygen, such as orchids, bromeliads, snake plants and succulents. Whilst other plants emit carbon dioxide, these plants are producing oxygen, which has been proven to improve the quality of our sleep.

Give your living rooms some love – indoor plants can create a sense of theatre in your living areas and coupled with some vibrant and interesting pots or hangers can give you a real talking point. Display your plants in on-trend baskets, macramé hangers or have some fun with cacti in brightly coloured pots.

House plants at Burston - Why House Plants are so Great!

Bathe in glory – it’s always best to do a bit of research into the best location for your house plants. In a bathroom, choosing a plant that will flourish in a warm, humid environment is essential. Orchids, spider plants and ferns are great choices.

House plants at Burston - Why House Plants are so Great!

Beginners luck – for anyone who is new to gardening, there are a couple of plants that are easy to look after. The Swiss cheese plant, which was on trend back in the 80’s has come back into fashion, with millennials rating this almost indestructible plant as their number one! It’s a great plant for bringing height into your interiors, so this, along with the Rubber plant, are firm favourites on Instagram.

House plants at Burston - Why House Plants are so Great!

Too hot to handle – most house plants don’t like to be in the midday sun, so be conscious of where you place your pot if you want a happy plant! Warning signs that your plant may not be happy are leaf burn, spotting or sudden leaf fall. Don’t panic though, most plants are quite tough and can be rescued. Often with the right level of watering, not too much that the soil feels soggy, they can be revived. Fertilizers can help to revive plants too!

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