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Following on from one of the hottest summers since records began,  we’re all very much aware of what a lack of water does to our garden. This concern is particularly heightened when it comes to holiday season. To ease the pressure on watering, both for us and perhaps most importantly the environment, we could start to consider more drought tolerant plants.

When looking for this kind of planting scheme there are a couple of really useful tips.

Firstly, look for silver foliage. This reflects the heat, suggesting that the plant originates from hotter countries and is therefore more likely to tolerate dryer conditions. Good silver foliage plants include Lavender, Convolvulus Cneorum, Brachyglottis and Hebe Pagei. These low maintenance, evergreen shrubs produce flowers too and look as good in containers, as in your borders.

The second thing to look for is ‘furry’ foliage. The hairy leaves help to reduce transpiration, the process of a plant’s natural water evaporating from leaves, and again would suggest the plant originates from hotter climes. Good examples of these are Stachys, Zonal Geraniums, Cineraria and Senecio Angels Wings.

The list of plants available is fairly comprehensive, from trees, shrubs, perennials to bedding plants and herbs. They will deliver an abundance of colour to your garden with minimal rain fall.