Growing Tomatoes - Burston Garden Centre Blog

Growing big, healthy tomato plants is much easier than you may think.

To get started you will need the following equipment;

  • Tomato growbag

  • Tomato plants (or seeds)

  • Bamboo canes (or other grow supports)

  • Watering can

  • Tomato fertiliser

  • Trowel

Step by step guide to growing tomato plants:

  • Step One: Soak your young tomato plants in a tray of water for an hour or so to ensure that the compost is fully moistened. This will help reduce possible root damage when transplanting.

  • Step Two: Lay out your growbag and cut planting slots in to it. NB there is normally a template on the growbag of where to cut. You’ll find that most growbags will fit two tomato plants.

  • Step Three: Using a trowel, make a planting hole for your tomato plants. Gently remove the plants from their original pots and position them into the holes you created. Back-fill the hole with fresh compost and gently firm the soil.

  • Step Four: Give your newly planted tomatoes a good soaking with water. NB: You do not need any fertiliser at this point

  • Step Five: As your tomatoes grow taller, they will need supporting with the help of a bamboo cane.

  • Step Six: Remember to water your plants frequently, ensuring that the soil never dries out! When flowers appear on the plant, it is time to start feeding them with a high-potash fertiliser such as Tomorite. This can be done weekly until the tomatoes are ready to be picked.

It really is that easy!

For more help and advice on growing your own tomatoes, why not visit Burston Garden Centre today!