Is Your Lawn Spring Ready?

After the long, dry summer we had in 2018, many of our customers lawns are looking tired and patchy.

Spring is a great time for some lawn revival!

Follow these simple steps for a greener, lusher lawn!

You will need;

  • A springtime rake

  • An aerator/lawn spike shoes

  • A lawn mower

  • A hosepipe

  • Patch Magic

  • A 3 in 1 feed, weed and moss killer such as ‘Aftercut All-in-one by Westland’

Start by removing any ‘thatch’ that may have built up at the base of the lawn. Thatch is a layer of dead grass that can make your lawn feel spongy. It is important to remove thatch to ensure that water and air can get down to the roots. Press down firmly as you pull the rake in long, even strokes to remove as much as possible. Spring time rakes are available in store from as little as £14.99

Over time, the soil under your grass can become compacted and may benefit from being ‘aerated’. Aerating helps your lawn to breathe and to absorb vital nutrients from your chosen lawn food. The quickest way to aerate your lawn is by using ‘lawn spike shoes’ available in store for £17.99. Simply walk across your lawn in rows 20cm apart.

The next step is to apply the fertiliser. This time of year, we recommend a 3-in-1 product such as Aftercut All-in-one by Westland. These all in one products will feed your lawn, as well as killing off any weeds and moss that may be present. A box that covers 170 square meters is available in store for £12.99. For application rates, please check the packaging as they can vary from one supplier to the next. Most of these granular feeds need ‘watering in’, so if there is no rainfall within 48 hours of application, get out the garden hose and water well. Between 7-14 days later, the moss will blacken as it dies off. Don’t panic, this is perfectly normal! Once it has completely died off, it will need raking out.

After treatment, it is best to wait a week before mowing your lawn, as this can damage the grass.

If patches are still present after these steps, you can use ‘patch magic’ to fill in the gaps. Patch magic is a blend of grass seed, growing media and fertiliser all in one convenient carton.  Simply scatter the blend over your bare patches and keep well watered.

Then sit back and enjoy your newly revived lawn ????

Is Your Lawn Spring Ready?