The Plastic Revolution in Plant Production

As our planet is becoming over-run with plastic waste we are all looking to do our bit to reduce our plastic use and ensure we recycle as much as we can.

There is so much information for us to take in and it can all be a bit overwhelming. Is it kerbside recyclable? What exactly does this mean? Where does it go thereafter?

We are going to give you a simple guide to what we use and how we can help you dispose of it responsibly.

We are often told what we can and cannot put in our recycle bins but with no real reason. Traditionally the black plastic pots used in plant production are not kerbside recyclable but are however completely recyclable. This is because the technology used at the council depots cannot recognise it with its laser due to the carbon content within the pot.

The Plastic Revolution in Plant Production

So what can we all do? Firstly there are 3 main types of plastic in horticultural production which we need to understand. On the plastic container is often a triangle with a number in it. The number 5 represents Polypropylene which if not black is kerbside recyclable or we can send off from here to be recycled. Secondly is the number 6 which represents Polystyrene. This too is also completely recyclable and we can send this off for you too.

The third type is referred to as PET and this is very hard to find at our centre now as it is cheap and not wanted by anybody! It did use to have a recyclable value but there is so much of it out there no-one can recycle it fast enough.

The UK horticultural industry has been working extensively with plastic manufacturers over the last 18 months and are now producing and starting to use Polypropylene (5) pots in a taupe colour so they can now be kerbside recycled.

Our new plastic bedding trays are also now being produced for kerbside recycling too as they will be made in grey and blue unexpanded polystyrene with next to no carbon content.

In fairness our industry is still a little way off of being completely plastic free so we at Burston Garden Centre are ensuring what we are using has the ability to responsibly recycle and so significantly reducing plastic waste.

We are happy to take all three types of plastic from you here and process it through the right channels.

The Plastic Revolution in Plant Production