Keep Weeds at Bay

This is the month when we start to see rapid growth of not only our plants but weeds too!

Summer flowering perennials are really starting to bloom now and the last thing you want is to have them smothered by annual weeds.

Top up your bark chippings to help supress the weeds and this will also reduce evaporation in this typically warm month.

There are many varieties of fruit that are now becoming laden and will need harvesting before the branches get over-loaded and possibly split. Plums and apples are the worst offenders and if the fruit is just off ripe they can be stored and frozen for making preserves later.

As we desperately try to keep on top of our lawns, don’t be tempted to cut them too short as this can be catastrophic if we have a hot summer. Move the blade height up to a similar height to the first season cut and this will help your lawn to survive and thrive through  hotter summers.