Until recently most of us only enjoyed our garden in the day and rarely used it by night, but now many of us want to spend as much time as possible outside and use our gardens as an extension of our home. With the right lighting, the evening time outdoors can become a magical place to eat and entertain.

Solar Lighting for your Garden

The choice of outdoor lighting has never been greater and there are some wonderful new designs available this summer. One of the best choices is solar lighting as it is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional lighting that does not require electricity, making them a practical and extremely environmentally friendly option that you can place anywhere. They are powered by specially designed batteries that store energy from the sun during the day and automatically switch on at dusk, providing a soft glow for several hours at night.

When placing solar lights, it’s a good idea to position them in a sunny spot, so they get a full charge during the day. They are also great for entertaining areas, helping to provide low-level accent lighting throughout the evening.

Solar Lighting for your Garden

The ranges we stock are Smart Solar, Cole & Bright and Solar Centre.

To find the solar lighting that is perfect for you and your family, please come in and see us for expert advice or just some guidance in making your selection. We are always happy to help!