August Jobs for the Garden

As fruits start to form on your tomato, pepper, cucumber and aubergine plants they will need regular feeding with ‘Tomorite’. This will help increase fruiting and improve the flavour.

August jobs for the garden - Tomorite

Plant up seed potatoes (now in stock) that will produce a crop in time for your Christmas Dinner!

August jobs for the garden - Potatoes

August is traditionally our warmest month with many evenings spent outdoors. Create a beautiful night garden with solar lighting.

August jobs for the garden - Night Garden

Check the underside of leaves on your plants and flowers for aphids. Prevention is better than cure so spray your most precious flowers fortnightly with a bug killer.

August jobs for the garden - aphids

Water your plants daily to prevent them from drying out. Even after rainfall watering may still be needed as leaves may prevent water from reaching the bottom of the plants.

August jobs for the garden - Watering

Deadhead plants regularly to prevent disease and to help extend the flowering period.

August jobs for the garden - Deadhead


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