Make sure your hanging baskets and containers are well watered when going away on holiday. Pick up some water spikes from our Garden Care Department to ensure that they receive a constant supply of water throughout the week.

July jobs for the garden - hanging baskets

It is more important than ever to clear weeds in your garden now as they will be competing with your plants and flowers for nutrients and water. We stock a large range of weed removal tools and weedkillers.

July jobs for the garden - Weed killer

If wasps are becoming a pest, try hanging an imitation wasp nest in the garden. The wasps see the nest as a threat and will vacate the area. These can be picked up, along with other wasp killers, from our Garden Care Department.

July jobs for the garden - no more wasps

Try using a copper tape around your pots and containers to deter slugs and snails from ruining your crops and flowers. The copper tape generates a static electric shock to the slug sending it back to where it came from. A perfect alternative for the organic gardener.

July jobs for the garden - slug tape

Make sure bird baths and feeders are topped up daily. It is vital for the birds to maintain their energy and remain hydrated in the hot weather.