Now the risk of frost has passed, it is the ideal time to plant out Summer bedding. A huge variety of plants and flowers are delivered almost daily.

June jobs for the garden - bedding flower

It is important to keep your lawn well-watered in particularly hot spells to avoid yellowing and drying out. Add a dash of lawn fertiliser as well to encourage healthy green growth.

June jobs for the garden - Aftercut

Add water gel crystals to your hanging baskets to increase moisture levels and reduce the need for watering; perfect for when you go on holiday.

June jobs for the garden - watergel

Ensure bird baths are regularly topped up during the hot weather. Young birds are especially vulnerable to hot weather and lack of water.

Stop slugs and snails from destroying your prized possessions. A range of organic slug and snail killers and deterrents are available in our Garden Care department.

June jobs for the garden - slug gone pestiside

Shade greenhouses to prevent the sun scorching the plants and vegetables inside. Greenhouse shading membrane and paint can be found in store.

June jobs for the garden - greenhouse shading

It is vital to check bushes and trees for nesting birds before pruning as it is illegal to disturb or destroy birds nests.June Jobs for the Garden.