Want to cover up an unsightly shed? Fancy a splash of colour against a drab fence or wall? Puzzled how to add a bit of height on your deck? Come along to Burston Garden Centre’s Clematis Week and discover a solution for any vertical gardening challenge.

Clematis vitalba

Image courtesy of Wikimedia

Why Clematis?

Clematis are superb climbers for growing up walls, fences, trellises and trees. With so many varieties, they are an ideal choice for adding upright interest across all seasons.

Seasonal superstars

Spring-flowering early clematis come in all shapes, sizes and colours. From the rampant Clematis montana with its pretty little white or pink flowers through to the larger double-flowered varieties in subtle creams and mauve. Then there are the singles bursting with saucer-sized blooms in vivid purples and reds. Late-flowering clematis are equally varied, with a wide choice of large and small flowers, blooming with bright or pastel colours from mid-summer through to autumn. Winter-flowering clematis are more subtle in size and colour. But with little else to catch the eye in the garden, they are still a stunner.

How to Take Care of Your Clematis

Over the coming week we will be presenting you with advice on our blog and on Twitter which will guide you through the steps needed to plant and care for your Clematis. We will give you tips on what factors to take into consideration when choosing where to plant, the specifics of transferring your clematis from container to ground and how to keep it pest free. This Tuesday and Thursday our blog will also offer you a one stop resource for all of the most frequently asked questions regarding clematis care and maintenance. Expect pruning tips as well as advice on which fertiliser will help to keep your plants at their healthiest and most radiant.

Our Special Offers

Make the most of Clematis Week at Burston. When you buy any Clematis in store, we will give you a free bag of 20l of Growise multi-purpose compost worth £3.99. We look forward to seeing you!

Clematis in bloom - Burston Garden Centre