Using wood smoke is an exciting and unique way of seasoning your barbequed meat you can add different flavours using different wood chips. At Burston our bags of barbeque wood chippings are priced at only £7.99 and will supply you with enough flavourful aromas for fifteen barbeques, giving you flavourful food over and over again. They are so simple to use, simply take a large handful of chips. Soak them in water for 10-15 minutes before blotting them dry with a tea towel. The damp chips should then be added to your barbeque in order to create that all important flavoured smoke which will infuse your steaks, chicken or fish.

Wood chips are a great way to impart interesting new flavours to your food on either gas or charcoal barbeques. If you are using wood chips with a charcoal BBQ place them on your coals once they have turned grey. Using larger chips will prolong the cooking time. Using briquettes or lump-wood will add a certain amount of smokey flavouring so it is down to your personal preference whether you use wet or dry chips. If you are using a gas barbeque then all you need to do is to place your damp wood chips into in to a smoker Box. These can be found in store for £24.99. The Smoker Box will then fit perfectly over the flavourizer bars found underneath the grates of your gas BBQ.

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Regardless of your barbeque type, close the lid for the first ten minutes of cooking to save the flavour and allow the smoking process to work to its full effect. Remember every time you open the lid to look at your grill, all the smoke and heat escapes. With this in mind, you may have to add fifteen minutes for every time you sneak a peek under the lid. If you are feeling adventurous you can try soaking your chips in other liquids such as wine or apple juice to create all new flavours with your barbeque food.

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