It looks like we’ll be in for a lovely spell of weather this Saturday so we thought now would be a great time to seize the moment and encourage you to prepare your barbeques and try the ever popular beer can chicken. As delicious as it is simple to make, even the most novice of chef will find this dish easy to cook and here at Burston we offer a range of Weber Barbeques and accessories to help get the job done.

Maximise Your Flavour

To give your chicken extra flavour, loosen the skin to allow room for you to place butter in-between it and the meat. You may like to add herbs to this butter to further improve the flavour and moisture of the meat. Once the chicken is nicely coated, cover the skin with a flavoured rub. Make sure you cover all sides of the chicken as well as the underside where you will find the dark meat.

Just Add Beer

As we are making beer can chicken, the beer is of course a crucial component of this recipe, however feel free to use other liquids for varying results. You will require the beer can to be half empty so unfortunately you will have to drink 50% of the beer before you start. You may like to use the original Weber chicken rack which we sell for £19.99. This will hold your beer can in place and add stability to your chicken.

Beer can and chicken holder - Burston BBQ

Alternatively, go upmarket with the new versatile Weber Poultry Infusion Roaster which is available in store for £39.99. This roaster can be used to allow the moisture to slowly infuse with the meat and stay succulent and fall off the bone.

Weber poultry roaster

Roast to Perfection

Using the roasting method, the chicken should sit nicely on the barbeque. Place charcoal on both sides of the barbeque, but not in the middle. This will allow the chicken to roast as it would in an oven with the moisture from the outside air circulating inside the barbeque. This method of barbequing is called in-direct cooking. If you don’t have a roaster to catch the drips from the chicken, you will want to place a drip tray underneath the bird to do this for you. These juices can be used to make excellent gravy. A medium sized chicken should take around one and half hours to cook and the steam from the beer should keep it moist as it roasts. Top tip make sure both top and bottom vents are open fully for an even air flow which will allow for a nice even cook.

Chimney Starters

To start your Weber Chimney Starter place two or three firelighters underneath the wire racking when the Chimney Starter is upright. Then fill the space above with your briquettes. The heat from the firelighters is then channelled quickly and evenly through the charcoal briquettes. When the coals are lightly covered in white ash, using mitts, hold the two handles on the chimney starter to safely pour the briquettes where you want them. The Weber Chimney Starter is available in two sizes. Small is £14.99 and Large is £19.99.

Weber Offers at Burston

  • Weber Genesis E310 = £1399.99 Includes accessory pack worth over £350.
  • Weber 47cm Compact = RRP £79.99, Our Price £59.99.


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