Garden Birds

Big Garden Birdwatch

The Big Garden Birdwatch is held over 3 days, from 28 - 30 January and is the World's largest wildlife survey which helps the RSPB build a picture of garden wildlife across the UK.

Over half a million people regularly take part in the big garden birdwatch over the past 35 years. By counting the birds in your garden this allows the RSPB to monitor trends and a understanding of how the birds are doing. With results from so many gardens, they are able to create a snapshot of bird numbers across the UK.

Last year, more than 519,000 people all over the UK counted an incredible 8,262,662 birds!

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As we are deep into midwinter right now you can find more species of birds visiting our garden than any other time of year.  Resident birds and winter visitors will all be forced to travel far and wide in the search for food to survive.   As the garden birds struggle with the freezing conditions is it a good idea to provide them with a bird box, so that they can conserve energy to search for food.


National Nest Box Week

NNBW takes place each year from 14 - 21 February, and after more than 15 years it is now an established part of the ornithological calendar.  The aims are to encourage everyone to put up nest boxes in their local area in order to promote and enhance biodiversity and conservation of our breeding birds and wildlife.

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Spot the Birdie!

In the Half term week we will be holding Paint your own bird house event, which is on Wednesday 15th February from 11am - 3pm

Pop by and join in getting creative. Children can paint their very own wooden bird box or bird feeder, ready to take home and hang in their garden. £3 per Child - All money goes to Peace Hospice Care, Watford. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

See you there!