Keeping on top of the garden in November

Don’t forget to cover your furniture and protect it from the winter weather to come. We have a range of covers for many different style/shapes of furniture.

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A wide range of furniture covers are available

Plant your spring bulbs this month for your springtime displays. Plan where you’re going to plant them to get the best possible impact. This can be in borders or in pots on your patio.

Rake up leaves and fallen fruit – piles of leaves left on the lawn will cut out the light and will cause the grass underneath to go brown and unsightly. Use a leaf blower or plastic leaf rake to remove these.

Buy Leaf Rakes at Burston Garden Centre

Use a leaf rake to tidy your garden for the autumn

Give your lawn a final mow on a dry day – be sure to set your lawn mower to a higher cut-height for winter.

With the possibility of frost over the next few weeks, now is the time to bring in tender plants and think about protecting those left outside with horticultural fleece.

When you have cleared your flower beds, edge your lawn. Lawn edging creates a neat appearance and makes maintenance easier throughout the year. This can be achieved by using an edge cutter to get a clean line or with lawn edging which will give a more permanent finish.

Give evergreen hedges a final trim before the bad weather sets in, so they look neat and tidy for the winter.

Buy Hedge trimmers from: £79.99 at Burston Garden Centre

Use hedge trimmers to trim your garden before winter

Cut back perennial plants and mulch them to protect the crown from frost and freezing weather. You can use the old compost from pots and planters for this.

Now is the perfect time to move dormant plants and replant them around your garden to allow them to settle and give you a fabulous display in spring and summer.

It’s a good idea to raise pots off the ground for the winter as this will prevent waterlogging in the wet winter months. You can do this with bricks or pot feet.

Pot feet from: £2:00 - Burston Garden Centre

Pot feet 

Continue to encourage birds into your garden – they need extra help in the cold winter months and they’re fun to watch from the warmth of your living room!

Bird Feeders at Burston Garden Centre

Bird feeders are available to purchase from us