Make Your Own Wildlife Home - Burston Blog

Kids love to experience nature first hand and of course, getting their hands (and clothes!) dirty.

This month we’ve focussed on an activity that combines sustainability and nature itself! Recycle what you and the kids can find around the garden to create a perfect little home for your resident wildlife!

We’ve shown you one method for making your own wildlife home, but there are plenty more options available. Your kids can really feed their imagination! Search around in your garden for old pots, canes or even logs to create the perfect habitat for the local bugs and wildlife.

Make Your Own Wildlife Home

  • Step 1: Take a small terracotta pot approximately 10cm diameter

  • Step 2: Cut some slim bamboo canes down to the length of the depth of the pot

  • Step 3: Fill the pot with the bamboo canes. There will be gaps between the canes as the pots are generally tapered but this is ok.

  • Step 4: With an appropriate size piece of chicken wire wrap the whole thing up to hold the canes in place

  • Step 5: Then it can hung up in a dappled shade environment for ladybirds and lacewings to take shelter in.

Make Your Own Wildlife Home - Burston Blog