Firework Picture - Kids Corner Blog

What you’ll need:

  • Leaves, berry stems, pine needles etc.

  • Gloves

  • Acrylic craft paint (use bright vibrant colours)

  • Black card/thick paper

  • Large sheet of paper (to use as a paint tray)

  • Wool, twine or any other thick string

Go on a nature hunt to find long leaves, berry stems and pine needles to make your paintbrush.

Try to find plants that are strong enough to hold the paint and make an imprint on your card.

Group together your leaves and berries to face the same direction and tie them together with the wool or string.

Make a firework picture

Spread the leaves and stems apart, so that they create a circle. This will now be your paint brush.

Put some acrylic paint on your paper sheet in large circles of colour.

Make a firework picture

Dip your plant paint brush into the paint and turn in circles until it has paint on all the leaves.

Make a firework picture

Begin dotting your plant paint brush on your card to start your fireworks picture. Continue with another colour to make multicoloured fireworks.

Make a firework picture

When you are happy with the picture, wait for it to dry completely and hang it on the wall and enjoy your fireworks art!

Make a firework picture