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July jobs for the Garden

Make sure your hanging baskets and containers are well watered when going away on holiday. Pick up some water spikes from our Garden Care Department to ensure that they receive a constant supply of water throughout the week.

hanging basket


It is more important than ever to clear weeds in your garden now as they will be competing with your plants and flowers for nutrients and water. We stock a large range of weed removal tools and weedkillers.

weed killer


If wasps are becoming a pest, try hanging an imitation wasp nest in the garden. The wasps see the nest as a threat and will vacate the area. These can be picked up, along with other wasp killers, from our Garden Care Department.



Try using a copper tape around your pots and containers to deter slugs and snails from ruining your crops and flowers. The copper tape generates a static electric shock to the slug sending it back to where it came from. A perfect alternative for the organic gardener.



Make sure bird baths and feeders are topped up daily. It is vital for the birds to maintain their energy and remain hydrated in the hot weather.


June Jobs for the Garden

Now the risk of frost has passed, it is the ideal time to plant out Summer bedding. A huge variety of plants and flowers are delivered almost daily.

DSC_0092 web


It is important to keep your lawn well-watered in particularly hot spells to avoid yellowing and drying out. Add a dash of lawn fertiliser as well to encourage healthy green growth.



Add water gel crystals to your hanging baskets to increase moisture levels and reduce the need for watering; perfect for when you go on holiday.



Ensure bird baths are regularly topped up during the hot weather. Young birds are especially vulnerable to hot weather and lack of water.


Stop slugs and snails from destroying your prized possessions. A range of organic slug and snail killers and deterrents are available in our Garden Care department.



Shade greenhouses to prevent the sun scorching the plants and vegetables inside. Greenhouse shading membrane and paint can be found in store.



It is vital to check bushes and trees for nesting birds before pruning as it is illegal to disturb or destroy birds nests

We are getting ready… Are you?

Because the weather forecast is looking a little damp, it is the perfect time to plant all your bedding plants and let Mother Nature water them in for you. Get down to the Garden Centre as quickly as you can and get all your plants today.

DSC_0042 WEB

DSC_0043 WEB

May: What To Do In Your Garden

Feed your lawn with High Nitrogen fertiliser this month to give your lawn a healthy, luscious appearance!


Now is the time to do a final major check for vine weevil grubs in pots and containers, and treat them with a vine weevil killer before they reach the adult stage and become immune to pesticides. So grab a bottle of Bug Clear Vine Weevil Killer now!

vine weevil


Plant Tomatoes in pots and grow bags in your greenhouses now ready for a bumper Summer crop! Just remember to keep vents fully open on warm or sunny days. Come and visit our plant area to view our large range of tomato plants and the compost area for grow bags of all sizes.



May is the time when hanging baskets can go outside so plant them up now! We have a fantastic range of baskets and bedding plants in stock now but keep an eye out for cool temperatures and cover where and when necessary!

hanging basket


Treat blackspot on Roses now even before the plants have been infected as prevention is better than cure. Try alternating killers each week to avoid immunities. We have a range of fungicides able to treat black spot such as Rose Clear Ultra and Fungus Fighter Plus.

rose clear ultra


May is the ideal month to sow Sunflower seeds as the main risk of frost has passed. Sow the tallest varieties at the back of your borders for a fantastic late Summer display of colour. Check out our seed area for a huge range of sunflowers from little to large!

sunflower seeds

Recycling & Upcycling

The planet we live on is a very precious place. Over the years we have evolved into a very ‘disposable society’. This only means more to land fill and more pressure on production, thus draining the planets resources. He are a few things we can all do to reduce our waste and ease the pressure on the planet.

‘Make do and mend’

If something has broken, before we just throw it away, think about how we could use it for another purpose.


With a little bit of TLC most things we chuck could be reborn into something new with a different purpose


Just by simply adding a water butt we can reduce our draw on the planets natural reserves quite significantly. Also all plants prefer rain water anyway, its more natural!


You don’t need a huge space to make your own compost. There are many space saving composters available and even just bagging up autumn leaves can provide a perfect leaf mulch the following spring.

If you wish to create your own eco-garden then just pop in for some ideas and advice.

recycling WEB new

April Jobs for the Garden

Now the temperatures are gradually increasing, it is time to feed trees, shrubs and hedges with a balanced slow release fertilizer such as Westland Growmore. This and an array of other fertilizers can be found in our Garden Care department.




A wide variety of flower, fruit and vegetable seeds can be planted in April, both in the greenhouse and directly into the soil; check out this link to see what you can sow this month:




April is the prime time to sow lawn seed. Aerate the lawn and dress it with a lawn and turf dressing before applying the seed and keep it moist until it germinates. If you already have an established lawn, apply a high nitrogen fertilizer to give it an early season boost.




As the weather warms, pests will begin to become a lot more abundant so stock up on the pesticides and apply at the first sign of attack. Do this early as prevention is better than cure. Organic options available!

Burston are Big Winners in January


It seems like 2016 has barely got started, yet we are already overwhelmed with how eventful January has been for Burston Garden Centre with a brace of awards! On Tuesday 26th we attended the Garden Centre Association’s (GCA) annual awards at the Grand Hotel in Brighton.


The GCA represents nearly 200 garden centres around the country, so it is with a great deal of pride that we can announce that Burston Garden Centre won the national award for “Best Customer Service”. We were recognised for the great staff presence we have across the centre as well as how approachable, friendly and knowledgeable they are. Also taken into account were the facilities that we offer our customers (our centre is entirely wheelchair friendly), how informative our website is and our response to mystery shopper emails and telephone calls. This positive feedback reassures us that we are offering the service our customers deserve – and we’ll continue to find ways to get even better!


There is further reason to celebrate with the news that on Tuesday night we also repeated our success of last year and once again we came 3rd in the top 10 Garden Centres of Excellence.


We are amongst a strong field so it is with real pride that we offer a sincere thanks to our staff for their dedication, passion and effort and enthusiasm. The team at Burston put in this hard work and good energy to make your visit as pleasant, informative and useful as possible.

We look forward to welcoming you all through our doors throughout 2016!


Carole Goodchild

Managing Director, Burston Garden Centre