Christmas Trees at Burston Garden Centre

Christmas Trees Price List 2021

Here at Burston we do not believe in compromising quality.

We only stock premium grade Christmas trees to ensure top quality and outstanding performance throughout the festive season.

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What type of Christmas Tree do I want and why?

The Traditional Norway Spruce

If it is fragrance you are after then this is most definitely the tree for you. With a slim-line habit it is also a great option for those with space restrictions. Not renowned for its needle retaining qualities it is advisable not to bring them inside too early. Bringing the tree inside from the 15th December will ensure that it performs to its best.

Norway Spruce Christmas Tree Prices

  • Premium cut 100-125cm (3-4’) – £17.50
  • Premium cut 150-180cm (5-6’) – £27.50
  • Premium cut 210-240cm (7-8’) – £37.50

The Nordmann Fir

By far the most popular tree these days, these Firs excel at needle retention. They will be fine for 3-4 weeks inside if cared for properly. Although not hugely fragrant they do still deliver an aroma to give your home that festive feel. With a broader growth habit than the Spruce the Nordmann is sure to make an impressive statement in any lounge.

Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree Prices

  • Premium cut 100-125cm (3-4’) – £19
  • Premium cut 125-150cm (4-5’) – £29
  • Premium cut 150-180cm (5-6’) – £39
  • Premium cut 180-210cm (6-7’) – £49
  • Premium cut 210-240cm (7-8’) – £64
  • Premium cut 240/270cm (8-9’) – £89
  • Premium cut 270-300cm (9-10’) – £119

The Noble Fir

Noble by name, noble by nature. This tree brings both needle retaining and fragrant qualities to your home. With a blue/green shimmer these Firs are simply devine. With a 3-4 week inside life span they are sure to deliver a true festive feel.

Noble Firs have great needle retention, are silvery-green in colour and have a lovely fragrance too.

Noble Fir Christmas Tree Prices

  • Noble Fir Premium cut 125-150cm (4-5’) – £35
  • Noble Fir Premium cut 150-180cm (5-6’) – £49
  • Noble Fir Premium cut 180-210cm (6-7’) – £64
  • Noble Fir Premium cut 210-240cm (7-8’) – £79

The Fraser Fir

With  good needle retention and moderate fragrance, the Fraser Fir is a good all rounder.

Fraser Fir Christmas Tree Prices

  • Fraser Fir Premium cut 120-150cm (3.5-5’) – £29
  • Fraser Fir Premium cut 150-180cm (5-6’) – £39
  • Fraser Fir Premium cut 180-210cm (6-7’) – £49
  • Fraser Fir Premium cut 210-240cm (7-8’) – £59
  • Fraser Fir Premium cut 240-270cm (8-9’) – £69
  • Fraser Fir Premium cut 270-300cm (9-10’) – £89

Something a little different

Lodge Pole Pine

If it is something a little different you’re after then this is the tree for you. Its ultra slim habit and architectural appearance makes this tree a real talking point amongst friends.

Lodge Pole Pine Christmas Tree Prices

  • Lodge Pole Pine Premium cut 150-210cm (5-7’) – £49 (slim & fragrant)
  • Lodge Pole Pine Premium cut 210-270cm (7-9’) – £69

Blue Spruce Pine

Blue-green and fragrant

Blue Spruce Pine Christmas Tree Prices

  • Blue Spruce Premium cut 125-150cm (4-5’) – £24 (blue-green & fragrant)

Lasiocarpa Fir Premium

Good needle retention, silvery blue, bushy and fragrant

Lasiocarpa Fir Christmas Tree Prices

  • Lasiocarpa Fir Premium cut 125-150cm  (4-5’) – £39

Pot-Grown Christmas Trees from Scotland

Our pot-grown trees from Scotland have, as the name suggests, been grown in their pots for good root development.

Pot Grown Christmas Tree Prices

  • Norway Spruce 60-80cm  (2-3’) – £29
  • Norway Spruce 80-100cm  (3’) – £34
  • Norway Spruce 100-120cm  (3-4’) – £39
  • Norway Spruce 120-150cm  (4-5’) – £44
  • Norway Spruce 150-175cm  (5-6’) – £64
  • Nordmann Fir  80-100cm  (2.5-3’) – £39
  • Nordmann Fir  100-120cm  (3-4’) – £44
  • Nordmann Fir  120-150cm  (4-5’) – £49

Why you should buy your Christmas Tree at Burston?

With the growing concerns of climate change everybody seems to be making a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint. This is why it is essential that we all understand the benefits of buying a real Christmas tree.

Firstly, all the millions of real trees sold in the UK every year have been purposely grown for Christmas. Whilst they are alive they are taking the carbon dioxide from the air and releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere. An average 6 foot tree will have been doing this for around 7 years, and there is a constant planting programme in place to ensure we do not run out. These also provide a perfect habitat for wildlife.

We also have to consider that with artificial trees there are many manufactured products used in their construction, oil for starters! Then there are the gallons of fuel burnt in order to ship them across the sea from afar. Not forgetting a minimum of 10 years it will take for them to degrade on landfill. It really isn’t the way forward!

Here at Burston Garden Centre we believe in stocking only the very best products on the market. Christmas trees are no different. We will be stocking several different varieties this year to satisfy all needs.

The traditional Spruce and needle retaining ‘Nordmann’ will be available in a range of sizes as cut trees and a small selection of pot-grown trees as well.

For something a little different we have the ‘Lodge Pole Pine’, ‘Fraser Fir’ and the ‘Blue Spruce’.

Shop early if you really fancy something different as they are in limited numbers.

Do not feel that by leaving it later you will get a fresher tree. All Christmas trees are cut at the same time!

To ensure you get the tree you are after, buy early. This way you will get the best choice and more importantly you will be able to give your tree the best start for Christmas.

How? Simple. We will not only help you pick the right tree for you, but we will also prune to your requirements. We will also take a slice off the bottom of the trunk in order to help the tree drink water (treat like cut flowers). Once your tree has been netted by us, it will fit into your car more easily.

Your tree should be nice and dry as we keep them in our outside covered area. When you get your tree home, put it in a bucket of water outside for as long as possible (preferably out of its net, although we appreciate it becomes tricky to get it through a standard single door). When you are ready to bring your Christmas tree in, just remember not to put it next to any heating units such as radiators.

When you have finished with your tree cut all the branches off. Either put them into your compost bin or into your council compost recycle wheelie bin. Cut the trunk into 10-inch slices and stack in a quiet corner of the garden to help encourage wildlife.