Love The Plot You've Got at Burston Garden Centre

Burston Garden Centre are proud to be a part of the "Love the Plot You've Got" initiative launched by the Gardening Industry Marketing Board (GIMB).

We want to inspire you to make the most of whatever outdoor space you have.  It doesn't matter whether you just have a balcony, a windowbox or a seemingly unusable back yard - we will be on hand to advise you on what you can do to brighten up these spaces and benefit from the enjoyment they can bring.  You will be surprised at how the smallest touches can bring a space to life and suddenly make it useful.

Gardening need not be tiring or stressful and your aspirations can be brought to life with a little enjoyable work.  If you are looking for inspiration then why not take a look at the Love the Plot You've Got website and then come and look at the displays we have at Burston.

Our staff will be delighted to provide you with expert advice on what can be achieved within your budget, so whether you have a small space you want to spend a modest amount on or a more sizable space that you would like to transform into something wonderful - we'll be here for you.