Garden Ornaments & Water Features

Imagine turning a corner in your garden and chancing upon a handsome classical statue, or brushing away the leafy undergrowth to reveal a reclining Buddha.  Garden ornaments and water features can add real personality and originality to gardens of any size.

So why not create some intrigue and a focal point for your garden with our delightful stone, marble effect or resin ornaments? A classic ornament or statue can provide a talking point when entertaining guests, and our new Da Vinci statues can bring a hint of the Mediterranean to any garden. Just lie back on a warm summer day and dream of the Italian Riviera!

We stock a wide range of garden ornaments and water features to suit any size of garden and every price bracket. All the designs we sell are skilfully manufactured out of hard-wearing and durable materials and are made to last.

Our water features beautifully set off a garden pond or stream, and can make a perfect perch for wild birds. Again, they are designed to bring something different – and perhaps a little magical - to any outdoor space.

Our friendly staff are always on hand to offer advice, so if you need tips on the garden ornaments or water features that might work best in your own garden, please don’t hesitate to ask.

And remember, at Burston it’s about so much more than quality garden ornaments and water features. We also stock a full range of chemicals (from weed killers and lawn feeders to pest control products), garden tools and machinery, irrigation equipment, boots and gloves, plants and seeds, plant pots and much, much more.