New Suppliers for 2016


Neudorff’s range of organic weed, feed and control products mostly use natural active ingredients. They have as little impact on the environment as possible, helping to protect beneficial garden visitors such as ladybirds and bees whilst tackling unwelcome pests, fighting weeds and effectively fertilising plants and vegetables. The range includes slug & snail killer, bug and ant killers, weed and moss controls, lawn, plant and vegetable feeds and a number of composting products, all of which utilise Neudorff’s 160 years of experience.



Ronseal’s range of paints and woodcare for the garden and home will have something for everyone. In the range we have more colours than we have ever stocked from the traditional greens and browns to the funky pinks, yellows and blues and in more sizes too. This fantastic range of paints can be successfully applied to metal, wood, terracotta and brick meaning you can spruce up any part of your garden from your planters to your sheds and your walls to your railings. Also available are a range of brushes, sprayers, woodcare products and decking stains.



Established in 1868, Grange has 148 years of experience and an established reputation for quality and excellence in the fencing industry; one glance at our range of Grange products and this statement becomes immediately evident. Fence panels, trellis, posts, sleepers and planters are all stocked and these are produced using the highest quality materials available, with only environmentally acceptable timber selected, perfect for the greener gardener. If you’re going for a more contemporary style, then we also supply metal fencing in varying designs which can be ordered in especially.



Panacea is a family owned company that was started in 1967 by Frank Paniccia in the USA but a UK entity was formed in Swindon in 2014. Our range includes interchangeable metal gates and fences as well as matching arch and trellis. In the Winter, we will also be stocking a ‘fireplace’ range which includes log racks, fire guards and a variety of fireplace tools and brushes.



VegTrug prides itself on sourcing their products from sustainable plantation grown fir, benefiting the user with a trug that will last many years, unlike some alternatives offered by other suppliers. Each trug comes with a purpose built, fitted membrane liner setting it apart from other brands where this would be an additional expense. Our range includes everything from small felt patio planters to the much larger wooden vegetable planters. All our VegTrugs are flat-packed and easy to build.


Da Vinci

Da Vinci are a British company specialising in a range of elegant, reconstituted marble statues and ornaments, suitable for both inside and outside. Whether you are aiming to create a Mediterranean or Chinese garden and with statues varying from romantic couples to Easter Island Heads, Da Vinci will have something for you and your garden.


Muck Boot

Established in 1999, Muck Boot’s sole aim was to create the most comfortable, high performance footwear on the market.17 years on and there is certainly a claim to say that this aim has been successful. With 6 styles in stock, all of them deliver the same 100% waterproof quality and comfort that inspired the original footwear. Whether you are wading into a river, working in the stable or just a lover of long mucky walks, then our range of Muck Boots has you covered.