Winter Lawn Care at Burston Garden Centre

Autumn is upon us

Autumn is upon us, leaves will start to fall, the cooler weather will descend and we will look into the garden with a somewhat depressing thought that the space will be used less, will look untidy and any work that needs doing will involve hats, coats and gloves.

Let’s not forget the beauty of autumn though, the colour, the wind that seems to blow the cobwebs away and when the rain isn’t washing everything, the sun shines and you can still feel its warmth. You can add to this beauty, there are so many wonderful plants to use that just seem to ignite a little colour. Hanging baskets and pots can now be emptied out, replenished with fertile compost and filled with stunning hardy plants and bedding. Don’t throw any of that used compost away, it may have been sucked dry of nutrients from the plants that have been in it but there’s still life in it – recompost like a witch’s stew with those fallen leaves, fully harvested plants in the greenhouse and add a little kitchen waste and all of that can be reused once it has all rotted down, this process can take up to a year.

There’s no better time of year to give your greenhouse a clean either. The glass should be sparklingly clear, especially if you plan to move tender plants in. Maximising light for the winter makes such a difference to them.

So, whilst you feel a cool air coming, the evenings getting darker, just think of the colour you can bring to your garden. With minimal effort you can achieve, something to brighten your day. The door light illuminating some bright baskets or pots when you return home in the dark is just somewhat joyous!

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